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Welcome to Merry Calliope's LJ

This journal is Friends Only. It is mostly just me rambling on about video games, dolls, and health with a good dose of random silliness. This is a drama-free journal. This is not a snark/wank journal. It's a personal journal about my life and, admittedly, probably a rather dull read.

That said, please don't be offended if I don't friend you back. I tend to be a rather private person and stuff that others might openly discuss in their journals I prefer to keep private in mine. So I try to get to know people a bit before I friend them back. If you do friend me I'd love it if you posted a reply to this message and let me know how you found me and where I might know you from (I'm terrible at keeping track of screen names). ^_^

Thank you!



Grunkk Icon

Kinda moving slow on these on account of weather and med-related aches and pains as well as simply learning how to digitally color. But they are getting done! I figured I'd post them as I finish so there's some perceptable progress. ^_^;

Presenting TEH GRUNKK for amarafox and Flookan for okojosan!

Free Icon Day, anyone?

Inspired by Djinni I'm gonna do a FREE ICON DAY. Hopefully someone might be interested. ^_^; I'm doing this because I need some more incentive to KEEP SKETCHING!

Rules are simple: Reply to this post or email me with your icon idea. Single character. Could be a pet, a WoW character, an original character, whatever you like! Keep in mind these will be drawn in a 2" x 2" grid so there's only so much I can pack into that space.

Icons will be inked. colored (marker), and scanned then posted here for folks to grab. You can use the icon anywhere you like, I don't mind!

Tips are nice but I'm not expecting them and, in fact, will only put up a tipjar on the post with the completed icons.

Poll #1035891 Online Community Question...

If you were considering to join a small online community which format would you find most appealing?

Mailing List. (All members pre-approved. No html, photos would be downloads which may be blocked depending on email settings. Email delivery.)
Multi-author blog. (Allows pre-approved people to author posts. Otherwise viewable by anyone. RSS feed or manual checking.)
Forum/BBS. (All members pre-approved. HTML formating and image posting built in. Manual checking for updates.)
Other - please mention in comments.

Reality Programming

Now THIS is good television!

Dolls by Elina Aulikki

Green Rainbow Fairy
Originally uploaded by Elina Aulikki.

I came across this lady's Flickr last night while searching for various felt crafts. I absolutely adore her little dolls! I like the Waldorf look but with much fancier outfits. And I think the faces are a bit more done up than regular Waldorfs...?

Check out the rest of her Flickr gallery. Really cute!

Bixi II (EVE)

Bixi II
Originally uploaded by The 13th Rabbit.

My cargo ship, a Minmatar Hoarder called the Bixi II, approaching a stargate. Oh so very slowly. *___*

Kitty-san & Bunny-san (HDR)

Kitty-san & Bunny-san (HDR)
Originally uploaded by The 13th Rabbit.

They live under the couch that the MSD sit on.

It was VERY dark when I took the shots for this image. I think the longest exposure was almost 3 seconds....and it's the one to blame for the saturated colors, I think. But it was the only way I could get enough light on the background objects.

Cordelia II (HDR)

Cordelia II (HDR)
Originally uploaded by The 13th Rabbit.

(This is the first photo of a 4Sister head that makes methink "OMG her nose is really lopsided. I'd never really noticed before...and now that's all I'll ever see!)

I decided to quit struggling against the gray and work with it instead. Prior to creating the HDR image I desaturated the +2 EV image in Photoshop. Then created the HDR in Photomatix and tonemapped it.

After that I brought it back into Photoshop and tweaked the saturation on her eyes and lightened them a little. Adjusted curves overall. Added the 'watermark' and saved for web.