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Cordelia (HDR)

Cordelia (HDR)
Originally uploaded by The 13th Rabbit.

Messing around trying to do HDR with dolls.

The set-up gave no indication as to how the finished photo would turn out. I was just winging it. I don't think this set-up was suitable for HDR because it kept wanting to show her dress and hair as gray even after I dropped the overexposed shots. Then the preview kept looking way different than the final output. I finally gave up and let some areas be gray...there was actually light shining through the black backdrop in the fine tonemapped image.

Then I opened it up in Photoshop and there were no light spots on the background at all! In fact...it had that lovely fade to the right. There were some highlights on the top of her boots and I just applied a little gradient over it to dull them down to blend with the existing fade. The only other Photoshopping done was a slight crop and resizing.

The light across her face showed up in the HDR--it didn't look anything like that in the set-up.


Blind Passenger
Originally uploaded by Steffi Hennigs.
My Public Service Announcement for the evening.
(found on Stick Figures In Peril on Flickr)

Finger Mitts for April HMM ~ thefeltmouse

Aren't these the cutest things ever?
I must be getting all domestic to even consider these cute. ^o^

Sacked Out

Sacked out basenji
Originally uploaded by Cuteology.
She's snoring.
Does anyone know what the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is and if it applies to physical items?

I tried Googling it and nothing I've come up with so far actually explains what it is. *_*


Amigurumi Girl II

Amigurumi Girl II
Originally uploaded by Cuteology.
Another bad cellphone photo. The face I embroidered. I think next doll I will crochet the 'hair' on seperately so I can control the hairline better.

Amigurumi girl I

Amigurumi girl I
Originally uploaded by Cuteology.
Cellphone photo of the amigurumi girl I finished last night. The eyes are temporary...I ended up embroidering her features.

Now I need to make a dress and some shoes for her.

flist updated

I'm not sure if it's all squared away proper. I may have missed some folks. o___o; If I missed you leave a reply here. Replies to this post are screened. Also, for those of you with multiple LJs I added the account that you seem to post to most often. I hope that's okay. I'm really trying to simplify here. ^-^; Authors with ficblogs--I added active ficblogs.

After this Bunny the 13th will go Friends Only. I need to learn how to post one of those swanky Friends Only banners folks use.


I'm slowly getting people added. I wish there was an easier way to add friends 'in bulk'. *_* Most of the adding will happen later on tonight when I have more time to concentrate on getting this all set up.